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Forbes-Gokak Mills

Client: Forbes-Gokak Mills
Location: Gokak, Karnataka
Year: 1997


Forbes Gokak Mills was established in the year 1885. It is a composite mill manufacturing of cotton yarns to textiles. It exports nearly 50% of its product range. It has its own hydro power station of 4.2 MW to power the mill and has a total connected load of 14.2 MW. The mill has steam boilers which are husk fired. The total cost of energy during the year of 1997 was Rs. 9.2 Crores.

Energy audit was carried out and total potential for savings of the order of Rs. 199 lakhs per annum at an investment level of Rs. 252 lakhs, giving an overall average pay back of 1.27 years.

Energy Audity identified savings potential of 78 lakh KWh of electrical and 12.4 lakh kg. of steam per year valued total of Rs. 199 lakhs at the 1997 prices. The investment for this was estimated to be around Rs. 252 lakhs, thus a payback period of 1.3 years.


  • Flat belt in place of V belts for several motor drives. This would save nearly 8% power.

  • Variable frequency drive for I.D. and F.D. fans, saving nearly energy worth Rs. 5.32 lakhs.

  • Replacing of steel blades with FRP blades in various fans. This can result in savings of Rs. 49 lakhs per annum

  • Changing over to Cell type air washers for humidification air washers can result in savings of nearly 30 lakh kWh power per year.

  • Changing over to Electronic ballasts in place of mechanical chokes. This can result in savings of nearly 1.7 lakh kWh pear year.

  • Flash steam recovery and feeding to Kitchen dye preparation. Thus savings of nearly 10 lakh kg of steam worth Rs. 3 lakhs per year.

  • Improving the insulations for pipes and vessels can save Rs. 1.0 lakh per year.

  • Installation of solar water heaters for the residential blocks can save nearly 34,000 kWh power.